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(10-14-15) Bobby Bones Show Full Replay

October 14, 201591 min
Expensive Wedding Rings Could Spell Divorce; Listener Calls; Kindergarten Crushes; Nada's 'Never Seen Tell Me Something Good; Eddie Makes Bobby Late For Meeting; Shadow Day; Who's Driving?; $566 'Raging Idiots' Charleston Flood Relief Show; Lunchbox vs. Amy; The 'Never Gonna Get It' Question; Hottest Woman In Country Music; 'I See You' Shout-Out; Ray and Bae's Halloween Costumes; No More Promo King and Queen; 'Back To The Future 2' 2015 World Series Prediction; Eddie Jr. Asks A Question; Democratic Debate; Morgan's Relationship; Cam's 'Burning House' Sells 500k Copies; Amy Gets Told A Joke; Listeners In Studio; Miley's 'Nudie Concert'; Bonehead Story Of The Day; 'I Know It's Not Popular, But...'; Is Ray Ever Getting Married?; Shots! Shots! Shots!; Amy's Husband's 'Yoga Pants' Rule; The 'Not So Couple' Couple; Lunchbox's Neighbor Complaint; 'Amy Yells A Joke'; End Of Show

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