Bud Hedinger

Trump Train ON and OFF the Tracks!

November 28, 201783 min
On this edition of Good Morning Orlando Bud, Tom, and Yaffee talk about the hottest topics in the news!

Trump Train! ON the tracks: Fake News contest AND not campaigning for Roy Moore. OFF the tracks: 180 on the Access Hollywood tape and Awkward Pocahontas moment!

AND Sanctuary Cities crackdown! We need the Texas approach here!

ALSO Roy Moore UPDATE- 2 weeks to go! Moore gets new opponent, and Army buddy backing him.

PLUS What's Buggin' the Budman!? New Senate GOP tax scheme and Rick Scott's bloated budget!

BONUS: Future World! Will driverless cars drive the rest of us off the road?!

Chat About Trump Train ON and OFF the Tracks!

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