Face of a Feminist

Ep 38: “I’m Smarter Than You” -Norah (5 years old)

November 7, 201812 min
Laura’s 5-year-old daughter answers basic questions about gender differences she notices in her Kindergarten class.  But, the questions backfire when Laura tries to expose the untraditional gender roles she and her husband practice at home… Maybe Laura and Mike aren’t the best examples regarding sharing the house work after all! In 12 minutes, you’re guaranteed to giggle and smile when you hear Norah’s adorable laugh.   FOLLOW ON SOCIAL: Laura IG/FB/Twitter: @ladylauradiaz FOAF IG/FB:  @faceofafeminist FOAF Group on Facebook:  ‘Face of a feminist PODCAST’ group   OTHER WAYS TO LISTEN (And please subscribe!) iTunes iHeartRadio Stitcher Google Play Music Soundcloud Spotify
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