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12-2-17 - Sebastian & Colleen Hardy (Living Roots Wine & Co.) / UberEATS

December 4, 201741 min
The husband and wife team of Sebastian & Colleen Hardy had a connection from the day they met.. wine. Sebastian, from Australia, has had wine making in his family for generations and Colleen, a Fairport native, is from wine country New York (Finger Lakes). Together, they own Rochester's first urban winery, Living Roots Wine & Co.

They met during a trip that Colleen took to Australia and pretty early on in their relationship, Sebastian shared with Colleen his dreams of one day opening an urban winery. The only question.. where? The answer would take a long time to figure out but would eventually be University Avenue (across from The Revelry) in ROC.

Today, using Finger Lakes grapes for half of their wines and Australian grapes for the other half, the urban winery brings together two worlds in a beautiful "country in the city" setting.

Enjoy listening to Colleen & Sebastian describe how Living Roots Wine & Co. came to be.

Plus, UberEATS is now LIVE in Rochester, we'll talk to an Uber rep about the new service.

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