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Got questions about the Toledo Tea Party?

July 9, 20188 min
Join them at their meeting at the Hampton Inn 3434 Secor Rd Toledo Oh 43606 Tonight at 7pm
with special guest Jen Kuznicki

I'm a wife of 25 years, and a mother of two children aged 21 and 24. My husband is a mechanic, I am a seamstress, and we live in sparsely populated northern Michigan where we hunt deer, grow vegetables, and laugh a lot. Writing is the best way I could find to try to help my country. I argue against leftism, which I consider to be a betrayal of the founding of this nation. I am a constitutional conservative, and I learn as much as I can about the founding of this nation and help others understand. I thank God I was born in America, and pray to God we can get it back on the right track. I've taken up podcasting and you can become a patron of mine --- follow the orange button!

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