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November 15, 2022 58 min
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🎙 ""If my 28-year-old Self were to give a gift to my 29-year-old Self, I feel like that gift would be an open heart. I feel like that gift would be readiness. I feel like that gift would be a calm, regulated nervous system and a strong spiritual foundation."" - Jocelyn

When I turned 28, I published an episode expressing my gratitude for my 27-year-old Self. It only felt right to now publish an episode expressing gratitude to my 28-year-old Self. This episode is the very last episode I publish as my 28-year-old Self. *insert grateful tear here

As I've reflected on my 28th year... at first it felt like an incredibly uneventful year but then as I continued to reflect, I realized that 28 was my year of calm. Deeply rooted calm, regardless of my external circumstances. And perhaps, that may be why it at first felt uneventful... because I was calm through it all.

The version of me that is 28 really feels like a version that is a devotee. A devotee devoted to continuing to deepen her relationship with the Divine and strengthen her spiritual foundation. A devotee that was focused and determined and inspired to fully integrate and embody all the healing and awakening that was experienced in 27.

I was calm as a spiritual practice. I was relaxing as a spiritual practice. And one of the lessons I learned is that relaxing is powerful. When I say relaxing, I am referring to relaxing as a form of surrender, as a form of faith.

28 was beautiful, even in its seeming uneventfulness. I am grateful. Thank you for listening to my reflections! And thank you, 28.

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