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November 5, 2023 28 mins
Guest Chef Alex from the Hideaway
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Hey everybody, it's the Fork Reportall things food, beverage and beyond.
I am your well fed host,Neil Savedra. How do you do?
I want to remind you that youit was very generous of moinkbox, our
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So very cool. Check that outright now, we are guessed heavy because

we're going to be on the roadquite a bit this month. But we
have Alex Moreno, chef executive chefthere at the Hideaway in Beverly Hills with
us. How are you, chef? Email yourself. I'm great. It's
nice to see you. Tell usa little bit about the Hideaway there because
it's gorgeous, it's a vibe itis you know, it's run a rodeo
drive, open three hundred and sixtyfive days a year. We're going to

be opening this Thanksgiving, so makeyour reservations. Yeah, and you have
a special event with the Thanksgiving dinner, you know, you know we we
do a little bit of both rightThanksgiving dinner your classic turkey, corn bread,
spare sorry, green beans, cranberrysauce, yams. And then also
we're also offering our regular menu aswell, and we're a Mexican steakhouse.

Everything that you order, you canmake it into a taco if you like,
or you can be a purist andjust eat the steak. That's kind
of like how it is at home? Right? Do you make everything into
a taco at home? You knowwhen you have leftovers, don't you just
go? Man, that's a taco. Now. You skipped over the the
brown butter corn bread, and that'sthe first thing I caught more. I

was like, oh my goodness,so brown butter corn bread sounds awesome.
Of course you have the warm pecanpie and the pumpkin pie and everything,
so that's for Thanksgiving. Now,well, let me tell you about the
brown butter corn bread. It's actuallyit's actually in a recipe that I've been
doing for the past I don't know, ten years with a family, and

it's a take on a financier.So and here when I we're now at
the highway, we actually use someof the maciendo maseca and there too as
well, so it just takes itto another level. So we make a
traditional cornbread and then after that's justmade deliciously with brown butter, we actually
soak it in cream, egg yolks, and then we cook it again and
it turns into this cornbread pudding andit's to die for. I don't feel

like getting up right now and goingwalking over to your side of the counter.
Otherwise I would slap your face.Holy smoke. Yeah, yeah,
that sounds insane. It's a custary, you know, that custard, that
wonderful moisture. There's something about cornbreadthat it can go. You can can
do it in a crunchy top anda fluffy inside. But that thought of

that, just having that custard insidewith that egg, yeah, it's it
turns into putting. My kids loveit, my wife, my mom,
the whole family. They dig itand every every year we do it for
Thanksgiving. Out any restaurant, man, you could control your kids with that,
you didn't. You don't have tospank. You don't even have to
put them in a timeout. No, no, corn bread with eggs and

all the goodness. I'm sorry,daddy, and that's your wife. So
uh, walk us through some ofthe you know the canteena hour, the
din dinner menus, you know thosetodays. Oh well, let's start with
the owner those. So the ownerof those is our quick lunch menu pretty

much. You you come in,you get an options of three different appetizer
or five different appetisers, a coupleof different entrees shornchila faso file at you
also have we have a choice oftwo different salads and air doom tomato salad,
caesar salad and can ads. Someprotein to that. But that's pretty
much your quick bite for your lunchcrowd while you're there at Too's. Well,

if you want to be ordered tomahawkfor lunch, go ahead by all
means. Don't be shy, youshort rib enchiladas. They are delicious.
We cook them for about thirty sixhours. We shred them. Then we
put in a bunch of wahawk andcheese, Mexican manchego, a little bit
at Chihuawa chies, domen cilantro onions, and it's just you know, a

nice red sauce on top of it. You know, if it don't taco,
it'll enchilada. That's hilarious. Yeah, don't worry. If it don't
tago, it will hinchilada. We'llmake it happen. Okay, hang tight
as So, we are chatting nowwith our guest executive chef, Chef Alex
there at the Hideaway in Beverly Hills, and we'll talk more about that menu

and taste some things when we comeback my favorite hanging out with Chef Alex
Bono. He is the executive chefof the Hideaway in Beverly Hills and wow,
I mean it's right there on RodeoDrive four to two one North.
Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Closestonight at two am, so make a

reservation. You can find that outby going to the website and banking reservations.
Just look at the Hideaway Beverly Hillsdot com, The Hideaway Beverly Hills
dot com or where I go first, the Hideaway Beverly Hills dot com slash
menu, just everything. Talk abouteverything that you brought. This is all

gorgeous and you did not hesitate tobring anything Holy smokes. Well, you
know it's if we want to experiencethe Hideaway, we need to experience the
Hideaway, and I mean just offthe bat with our housemaid chips from Macienda,
heirloomkorn coming out of Oajaca, withour black being dip with a little
bit of montiica in it, oursalsa roja, fresh onions, tomatoes,

cilantro, squeeze of lime juice,and then that your company with a little
bit of avocado walkamole. We're gettingallur of a collas right now in from
Mexico. Has they're just a littlebit more creamier and buttery. It just
makes a great, great, greatwacamole. And you know it's for me.
It's all we're doing is actually ellingjust a little bit of onions,

cilantro, lime, juice and salt. Yeah, you want to it's it's
like a good avocado is like agood steak. It should shine right,
a little bit of salt, alittle bit of pepper or whatever. Right,
if you want to change its flavora tiny bit, you put that
crust on it, you know,but you want it to stand out.
It looks gorgeous. And then speakingspeaking about our steaks, we have an

amazing steak selection. We are aMexican steakhouse. Any any of our steaks
can be made into a taco.We serve them with fresh flour tortillas,
corn tortillas, a little bit ofpeko on the table, and we have
our sauces. We have some greatspicy sauces too as well, our ahitoso
sauce or sauce on negata. Soonce you get in there, and if

you're a purists, and you justwant a steak, just eat the steak.
But if you want to throw ona tortilla and have a little fun
with it, It's almost like abag of skittles because you can get a
bunch of sides, put some mushroomsin it, some corn, some mango
slaw, some rice, some beans, the sky's limit. So these in
banadas one of our appetizers. Sowe have a chicken chicken picadio and banada.

So inside of it we have groundground chicken, onion, cilantroa bell
peppers, and a little bit ofajlapano. And we start with a mango
slaw and a banana hab anaro ketchup. But don't be scared about the banana
habnaro ketchup. It's not that it'snot spicy at all. It's got a
nice little warm feeling into it.I'm not scared. I'm not scared.

I get it. Are these allthe same? Yeah? Yeah, because
I was like, there is nothingon the bread that lets me know,
or the crust rather me which oneswhich look at that, oh that smells
perfect? Just the combination there ofthe spices, ooh okay, and then

not be scared. So so thebananas the base of this. Huh yeah,
bananas, a little bit of rum, onions, raisins, clothes,
all spice, the kitchen sink.Yeah. Not only is the this,
you know, unto itself. Theimpanata itself is great. I love the

size of the grind, everything isit just suits uh, the bike,
the bite, you get everything,you get the crust and you get all
the goodness you put in there.But that sauce. Good right, I'm
gonna kick off my shoe and seeif I dip it hip it. You
know, I probably shouldn't in mystate. That is awesome and different.

Yeah, that's unique. Yeah,how'd you come up with that? Well,
it's been a recipe that's been aroundwith our restaurant group for probably close
to twenty plus years. Man,it's hard to even explain the combinations.
You get all of it, youget all of it at once. It's

almost trying to think of what thatis. It's almost a little caramel at
the beginning if you suld smell it, Yeah, and then you go and
then it's got a sweetness, likea fresh fruity sweetness to it. But
then you put it on and itjust has the most beautiful balance in all
those flavors. Oh that's fantastic.Wow, I love that. That's amazing.

So that that's one of our appetizers. And then another of my little
apps I love is our chop saladpickled all apenia dressing. I think it's
I love a pickled all apenion andwe just make it into a dressing.
Typical chop salad, pomegranates, cornheikamma, black beans, romaine, iceberg,
and little avocado and crispy tortilla chips. Chopped salad is one of my

favorites. There something about the wayit feels in your mouth differently than like
something sticking out you got a pieceof lettuce. It feels more like a
meal. It eats better. Tome. I always think a chopped salad
makes every piece of the star ratherthan Okay, here's some fun stuff on
top of some wet lettuce. Youknow. So looking at that, I

like, you can see the beansand you can see these things. You
can see the avocado obviously on topend, and that is gorgeous. That
is gorgeous. What a spread chefwe're going to really, So we didn't
even get to the dessert. Partand miss Kayla just leaned right over,

just leaned right over, and justplease it's a. It's a. That's
amazing. That's the last thing wetalk about because we gotta go. What
what is that cake? So thatis our chocolate cake. It is a
chocolate lover. It is chocolate chocolateDevil's Cake, Double's food cake, chocolate

Ganage, chocolate mouse and a chocolateglaze over it with some candy cherries cut
and then topped with gold and topof a little bit of gold. We
are on rodeo drive. Wow.Yeah, that looks like something you should
be wearing on your head, youknow. So that's some sort of fancy
fashion week. That is gorgeous.No, don't where are you taking that?

Put it down? Put it down? And then our flawn is amazing
too, guys like it's everyone looksgorgeous. And we put a little bit
of tea and you ho tequila init, and then we finish off with
a little shaved Oh yeah, I'msurprised you got a word out with her
mouth full, chef, what apleasure? Will you come back and hang
out with us sometime? Pleasure?This really is special food. Man,

I dig what you are putting down. Will you got to come into the
restaurant. Yeah, that's well,we'll do it because this is just it
really is fantastic and very special.And that Wacom mole is I mean talk
about beauty and simplicity. Thank youso much. Yeah, that is awesome,
man, what a pleasure to meetyou. This is really really good
stuff. It is the Fork Report. Don't forget to check them out,

very easy. Just you go totheir website and you can see all of
the menus. It is the HideawayBeverly Hills dot com. The Hideaway Beverly
Hills dot com. Just through this, look through this menu and tell me
that you don't want to run onover there. They're open till later.
Get out there, rodeo drive.Make you look important. It is the

fore Report on nil Sevidra, KFIAM sixty and KOSTHD two, Los Angeles,
Orange County. A couple of thingsI want But did you just are
you dropping things? Miss Kayla isvery I'm just making a margarita. I've
been out of town broadcasting. We'vehad, you know, a lot going

on. Then I think I broadcastfrom the home once or twice and so
she's very excited. Not to seeme, mind you, but that when
I'm in it means food. Wehaven't had food in years. It feels
like so, well, you know, you can eat outside of the three
hours that is the fork Report.Do you guys pay me enough to feed
myself outside of the fork reports?That's not what I asked. That's a

good question, that's true. Goodpoint, good point. Anyways, a
couple of things. And you know, I asked Chef Alex from the hideaway
in Beverly Hills. They said,hey, do you have to go back
right now? And he goes,no, no, no, I'm here.
And I said, well, stickaround, let's talk about Thanksgiving,
talk about some tips and tricks andthings. He's like absolutely, So we're
gonna We're gonna chat in a minute. But I want to remind you of

a couple of things. First ofall, next Saturday, a week from
today, thank you. Next Saturday, week from today, it's a Veteran's
Day, November seventh, we willbe out doing a live broadcast and hanging
out with you at Barbecue's Galore inBrea. This is the last big sales

event we're going to do. Thisis a big Green Egg sales event.
What that means to you is,not only is there going to be opportunity
to see what's going on with theBig Green Egg and see it actually in
use. So you're gonna see theBig Green Egg in action, and you
get to ask questions. There'll beexperts there to answer them. I will

answer what I've learned and what Iknow now and why I'm very much.
I can't. I hate saying this. I'm not gonna tell people I'm an
egg head. I just can't.I mean, I get it, I
get it, but it's just Imean, I love it. I just
can't say that yet. So we'dlove you for you to come out next
Saturday Barbecues Galorem Brey at two tofive. You can check out the Big

Green Egg. You can kick thetires, ask questions, have some food
cooked on it, and you couldbuy it at the best price. I
mean, this is a great price, ten percent off and that will be
at all of their locations, I'mtold. So that's pretty cool. But
we'll also be giving away some thingstoo. We'll have food giveaways like a

fifty dollars barbecues glor gift card,a Mini Max Big Green egg Plus all
have some Fork Report swag there foryou as well that you can take.
But right now we want to remindyou that you can also nominate a special
veteran and they can win a beautifuloutdoor furniture set from Barbecues Galore. All

you need to do is go toKayla Austin at iHeartMedia dot com, Kayla
Austin at iHeartMedia dot com, sendher an email nominating a veteran, and
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email to Kayla Austin at iHeartMedia dotcom and the two of you will need
to be there at the location onnext Saturday, and we will pull from
that pile of emails and a winnerwill get that wonderful setup. It is
just as beautiful outdoor furniture set,and I already have some beautiful nominations,

some beautiful stories, some beautiful Ohthis is great, so this will be
really really cool and thanks to BarbecueGalore for doing that. That's super huge,
so we're excited about that. Soremember that, and lastly, don't
forget that you can go to moincbox dot com slash kfi moincbox dot com

slash Kfi. Start a subscription.If you do there, they'll give you
a pound a free pound of groundbeef for a year. So every single
time you get a box, amink box with the you'll check it out.
You'll see whether you get pork orbeef, or chicken or stocky salmon.

They'll throw in a free pound ofthat beef. So check that out.
So we're hanging out with Alex,Chef Alex from the Hideaway. Ask
him to hang out for a littlebit longer and talk Thanksgiving. So I've
heard, I've stopped. I've talkedto Scott Conant, Chef Scott Conant on
the show before. He said he'snot he he hates cooking turkeys. I've

had other you know, Alton Brown, he has said that he you know,
it's not his go to but hedoes have, you know, a
passion for getting it right. Alot of chefs just go, man,
it's just to cook it as awhole bird can be a pain in the
ars. So what say you,Chef Alex from the Hideaway and Beverly Hills.

Well, if you're at a restaurantand you're cooking Thanksgiving dinner, it's
really not that hard, just becauseyou have the equipment for it. You
know, sometimes we cheat. Ihave this Rationale oven that it's steaming jagsy.
Yeah, explain what that is.Explain why that is. Uh So
we have this we have this amazingeven it's called the Rationale oven, and

this thing it's it's it's you cancontrol how much steam goes into it,
how much dry heat, moist heat, and it just makes cooking so simple.
And you know, the biggest thingwith turkey, it's coming out dry.
You know everybody, you know,we have to brind it. And
you know, when you're at home, of course you have to brind this
big, huge animal fifteen twenty pounds. Where you're gonna put it, Ye

have a five ballon bucket from thegarage. Yeah, so it gets complicated,
you know, and it needs tobe refrigerated. Yeah. So when
we're cooking Thanksgiving dinner, like atthe Hideaway, I've got my huge walk
in. We get these turkeys,we brand them at least for twenty four
hours, if not forty eight hours, which just makes it easy. And
if when you're doing that at home, it's it's a little bit complicating.

But that Brian is going to bemore important if you don't have those steam
ovens or under called them v ovensor something or that. Was that a
different Comby ovens? Yeah, gotcha. I thought that might have been a
brand of them. But yeah,I think it's kind of like like a
souv ovens instead of Yeah, soyou you can you can really control that

moisture, right, So, Imean at home, you know I've I've
done. I've taken the breast offof the turkey, cooked a turkey by,
cooked the turkey by itself, thebreast by itself, with the legs
by itself. I've even done asmoke turkey. We've we've played around.
I think the best version I've doneat my house was a smoked turkey.
Yeah. We we actually me andmy son and my wife and my daughter.

We we brianed the turkey for abouttwenty four hours, but also it
was in a cooler, adding iceto it, checking the salt level sure,
you know, making sure it's underit's under the danger zone. So
we don't you know, we don'tget sick. So you're playing, were
you doing a wet Brian or webBrian? So wet Brian and then we
took it out, so we roasted. I smoked it for almost about i'd

say ten hours, but not whole. I split it down the middle and
opened it up so you could say, and then kind of flip the legs
around. Were you spatch cocking itor you were actually breaking it apart to
No, I'm not sure what'spatch wouldbe, butterflying there you go, gotcha,

that's exactly what we did. Sowe had the bones right on the
right, on the right on thegrill, and you had the smoke coming
into it. But because it cookedso slowly and it had such a great
brine, it came out. Ithink it was the best crikey we've cooked
at the house that Big said atthe restaurant. You know, we kind
of cheat a little bit. We'lltake off the turkey to take the breast
off the bones, brine them separately, roast them off, comfee the ducklet

the turkey legs. So you knowit's it's we make it special up it.
So coffee is basically poaching in oil. Yeah, it's like it's magic.
It's straight magic. Okay, hangtight, we'll come back more.
We'll talk more with Chef Alex.The executive chef there at the Hideaway in
Beverly Hills on rodeo, Who dohave you know Thanksgiving specials going on?

And beyond that have a fantastic menuthat we've been nibbling on here today.
But I just asked him. Idon't know, Kindred Spirits. I just
connected with him. He's a greatguy, fabulous chef. I thought,
stick around, let's talk about Thanksgivinga bet, so stick around. We'll
come back and talk more about sides, about the turkey and beyond. It

is the fork Report on Neil savadriKFI AM six forty. It's Neil Savador
and the Fork Port. Please rememberyou've got our buddy Tuola Sharp coming up
with so CAW Saturdays. He'll beon at five. We'll probably try and
chat with him before he comes onto figure out what he's got going on.
He's looking a little extra handsome.I'm not gonna lie. He's clean

shaved, he's tightened up his youknow, kind of partial to the tight
pointed goatee. He's doing no hairin November or something like that to raise
awareness. So he has no mustacheright now. And I'm perfectly fine with
saying I'm not a fan. Really. I think he looks great. I've
been telling him, but I don'ttrust your opinion. Wow, all right,

but let's face it, there's alot of ugly people in radio.
No, yeah, you're one ofthese. But you gosh, it's you're
so brave when the mics are on, when they go up. Please,
I was just kidding. No,you're a handsome fellow. But you have
your you have your beer going.I don't know why he's balled out there.
No, I actually just shaved offmy full beer. This we noticed.

Oh you don't like you like itwhen I like Harry Man, you
guys come in here shaved. It'sjust like really disrespectful that everybody involved in
the share. All right, allright, just keep it down. Chef
Alex Moreno is with us, executivechef of the Hideaway in Beverly Hills.
We're talking Thanksgiving. We talked alittle bit about the dispatch cocking and that's
butterflying the turkey and you smoked it. So you did what twenty five?

Oh yeah yeah? And then justwhat kind of would did you use?
We I used a little bit ofapple and a little bit of citrus to
as well, oh look at you. Oh yeah, we went, I
went the whole route. Wow.Actually, we moved into Long Beach about
maybe five years ago, into thisbeautiful little house. It was owned by
this family for about twenty five yearsand the dad had built this smoker in

the back. And when we werelooking at the house, the owners were
like, oh, yeah, we'regoing to tear this down and I told
them, don't I go. I'dlove to use it. And I think
that's what made the deal wow,because it was it was the grandson selling
the house and he was like,no, no, no, if you're
going to use it, we'll justwe'll just close the books and we'll sell
you the house instead. Wow.That's awesome because they probably put love into

that thing. Yeah. Yeah.He was telling me about stories about his
grandpa cooking brisket every once once oncea month, every Sunday on Sundays,
and it was just a beautiful store. That's magic. And when we got
the house, I invited him overfor smoke brisket, my first one cooking
it there, and he loved it. He was like he's like pulling to
the side. He's like, oh, I think it was better than my
Grandpa's. And then there was thunderright, what's your favorite side for Thanksgiving?

The brown butter corn bread? Ohyou do that at home? Yeah,
yeah, yeah, that's that's that'sa staple at the house. So
just just rattle off the basic recipeif you will. So first you start
off with about two pounds of brownof butter. You brown it, you
make sure you don't go into theblack. You keep it nice, into
the brown. And then corn meal, a little bit of flour, some

sugar, some eggs mix that allsorry, not eggs, egg whites,
gotcha? Oh? Interesting? Yeah, So you get a nice and fluffy
and you're not adding fat, notadding fat, not yet, not yet.
Don't you ever say I don't addfat. Come on, we love
fat. There's nothing wrong with fat. Oh. So then then it's the
egg whites in there. Then wesave the egg yolks, and then corn

bread gets cooked off with the brownbutter flavor into it. Then once it's
once it's taken out of the oven, then we had the fat, a
little bit of heavy cream with allthe egg yolks, some milk and we
pour that makes your ride over itand it's not just like a cup it's
a hefty amount. So just likewe pretending, well you're eating bread with

milk or coffee, you're dipping in. You're dipping your bread into your coffee.
It soaks it all up. Onceit soaks it all up, all
that fat and all that richness,put it back into the oven, bake
it off, and when it comesout, it's literally like a custard with
bread. Anytime a recipe starts withtwo pounds of butter, start with two

pounds of butter, You're like this, this is going to go somewhere good.
And any other sides that are yourgo to for traditional or otherwise,
you know, yams, yeah,marsham, mellows, marchino, cherries,
brown brown sugar, cinnamon, clothes, allspice. It's it's just a CLASSICGA

and I think everybody either you loveit or you hate it. I'm in,
Yeah, I'm in. Thanks forhanging out a little extra longer,
man, that was really cool.I just was enjoying our conversation and I
thought, if you're here, maybewe could talk a little bit about Thanksgiving.
And I appreciate you doing that.No, No, my pleasure.
Chef Executive Chef Alex Moreno from thehideaway in Beverly Hills. You get a

chance to get out there before Thanksgiving, great, If not Thanksgiving, they
will be open doing their our regularmenu with our Thanksgiving dinner plate. Wow,
that's awesome. And of course they'reout there at four two one North
Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Tonightcloses at two am. So there's a
bar there. Oh yeah, wehave two little bar we have. We
have our main bar and we haveour sidebar pretty much. But we party

hard, a great cocktail programzing cocktailprogram. You know. It's it's just
like a beautiful protein, our beautifulsteak. We try to use the best
product. All our juices are freshlysqueezed every day. Our margarita's it's a
classic, classic recipe. Margarita Agave it freshly squeezed lime juice and a
good tequila. I'm not even freshlysqueezed the day. Wow, lucky.

So nice to meet your brother.I really I appreciate you coming in and
taking the time. It is thefork Port on Neil Savedra. This is
KFI and no, actually just thisis KFI A M six forty
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