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February 13, 2018127 min
Jimmy Barrett and Shara Fryer take you through the stories that matter on the morning of 2/13/2018, including: Of all the political and cultural issues that divide red states from blue ones, none is more volatile than guns and who can carry them. Conservative rural states like Arizona and West Virginia allow almost anyone to carry a loaded firearm in public, while in urban states and big cities, it can be a felony. But a piece of legislation quietly churning its way through Congress may change all that by making gun permits more like driver's licenses, transportable across state lines. If you are allowed to carry a concealed weapon in your home state, you would be allowed to carry it in all of them. The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act has already sailed through the House of Representatives and has the full support of President Trump; Analyst says President Trump is presiding over a “rape culture administration” – and bipartisan fallout ensues. How high will the octane level go on the gas that’s being poured on these partisan fires?; Dreamer thanks Trump for what he is doing about immigration. A Mexican native whose mother brought him to America at age 1 said President Trump has shown "leadership and compassion" toward DACA recipients like himself, while Democrats have conversely used them as "pawns." Hilario Yanez, who goes by Eli, said Trump showed courage to tackle the illegal immigration issue comprehensively during his first year in office; The spotlight has dimmed on helping Harvey victims and the “Super Bowl of Caring” is over ... but while the issue of hunger in our backyard may be forgotten, it’s not gone. Recap the generosity the Houston area has shown. What’s the projected haul from the Super Bowl of Giving? How big was the uptick in giving during Harvey Hype? What is the ongoing need? What do our listeners needs to know about hunger needs in the Food Bank’s service area?

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