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Apr 16 - Pens Playoff Bathroom Trips

April 16, 201520 min
Oh What A Fun Thursday - The Penguins backs are against the wall not many people believe that we can beat the Rangers but we do...This year we aren't the favorites to win everything so the team doesn't have to play all nervous and uncomfortable like having to use the toilet at work...Guys like Sid and Geno can play loose this year...Sid and Geno are going to treat this first round of the playoffs like they are at home and able to stretch out and relax with baby wipes on a home toilet because we are the under dogs...No one is listening for Pens plops...No one is going to judge these Penguins because no one expects them to win. - The Crazy Italian guy believes in the Pens - The Office Monkeys Betty, Marge and Hank the mailman had a break room Pens playoff party - Florida Man... High On Flakka... Attacked Officer... Said He Was God... And Tried To Have Sex With A Tree - A Mom in Georgia decided it was a good idea to have a party and play "Naked Twister" with her teen kids and their friend

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