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Apr 17 - Pens Lose / Chewie Bathroom

April 17, 201515 min
It Is Friday... We Are Ok - the Penguins lost game 1 to the Rangers....It was honestly the Penguins game to steal...Fleury played unreal...The Rangers are beatable - The Crazy Italian guy called and claims the Pens win Saturday "Spark It Up" and that leads to 4 wins in a row - We went to the deep dark place that is the Penguins Facebook comments section after their game 1 loss to the Rangers... caps lock on BALLS - ESPN Reporter Britt McHenry is a crappy person... She got suspended after an awful rant on video got released... She was yelling at a woman who was trying to do her job at a tow yard - How does Chewbacca use the bathroom

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