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Apr 2 Bob Barker Back / Pig Stand-Off

April 2, 201531 min
Happy Thursday - Pirates open the season Monday and Eileen from Blawnox is extra excited....So excited she wants Charlie Sheen and Kid Rock to their "Wet Hose" on her - The Penguins lost to the Flyers so we had to take a look at the Facebook comments...1 loss and everyone freaks out...Trade and fire everyone - We got back into the wonderful world of horrible kidz bop edited lyrics - Eileen was extra sweaty...The comforters were all "sweated" up on her bed...Thank you Jesus USA USA USA - Bob Barker Back.. Bob Barker Back.. Bob Barker Back.. - A mystery pooper is dropping logs on a bike trail in Illinois - A truck driver gave us a call to tip us off to a pig stand-off happening at Burger King in Somerset County...It bit one lady and the pig wasn't letting people in and out of the Burger King - It is going to hit 70 today usually we don't play ball shorts unless it hits 80 but it has been so long and it felt so right...So we played it

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