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Apr 22 - Lets Go Pens/FLA Bikini Granny

April 22, 201526 min
WEDNESDAY - GAME 4 TONIGHT....Our bodies hurt and we barely have voices left after game 3...Tonight should be fun - The Crazy Italian guy gave us a call to get us fired up....Pens Win Tonight And That Is It...Bottom Line...No Fairweatherness - Geno interviews are one of our favorite things ever...This morning we debuted a new Geno "Truffle Butter" remix - The nice residents West Pittston PA of woke up to toilet paper covering their front lawns...It wasn't from someone TP'ing the house...Noooooope....A plane flew over and dropped mystery toilet paper pieces all over these nice peoples lawns...Barf - The Pirates blew a lead in the 9th inning over the Cubs...We took a quick look into the dark sad world that is the Pirates Facebook comments section - A local story with Florida like tendencies happened when a fight over money led to one man jumping on the hood of an SUV as another guy drove over 11 miles - Hey Florida Had A Granny...In A Bikini...Who Got A DUI...Only In Florida

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