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Apr 24 - Greys Tears / Florida Gonzo

April 24, 201521 min
Happy Friday.... - Ohhhhhhh WHYYYYYY GREEEYYYSSSS ANATOOMMMMMMOOOOYYYYYYY WWHWHHHHYYYYY.... WHYYYY DID YOU KILL MC DREAMMMMY!!!!!!! OHHH NOOOO... We learned that when Bob cries he rubs them right into his chest and live in his nipples and those sad tears help his chest hair grow - We had two Penguins playoff sections this week and a Pirates section our voices are hurting but we had to sing bump and grind like two beautiful angels - The Penguins are playing game 5 vs the Rangers in New York tonight and Coach Johnston has figured out how to turn this thing around...Give the rangers diarrhea - A Florida man named Gonzo was walking around his neighborhood without his clothes...We are not sure if his real name is Gonzo or his street nickname is Gonzo because he walks around with his "Gonzo" out....Only in Florida

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