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Apr 3 - Bra Attack / Panda Mating

April 3, 201519 min
Happy Friday - We were awake and working just for you started off the show with a little bump and grind - The pig that had a stand-off in somerset county made the LOCAL and NATIONAL news.... Ashlie Hardway from WTAE went out to cover the story only to learn that the employee at Burger King tried to feed the pig that was trying to attack people bacon....Seriously he tried to feed the pig bacon - A woman in Kentucky broke into a house and tried to attack the woman living in the house with a bra...It didn't work because the 61 year old woman living in the house beat her with a ceramic chicken - Also making World Wide news today....The new world record holders for Panda sex Lu Lu and Zhen Zhen the Chinese Pandas who had a 7 minute 45 second hot panda sex session - Nicki Minaj turned a 12 year old boy named Donnie who was crying because he got to come on stage and meet her during the pinkprint tour into a man with her boobs.

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