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Apr 6 - Britney Mouth To Mouth / Flakka

April 6, 201524 min
Happy Monday - Mikey chopped a giant gash in his finger trying to cut a coconut and it opened up before the show and was a bloody messs...Willing to do whatever it takes to save his buddies life Bob offered to put on Britney and give him mouth to mouth if he passed out - Monday needed a little bonus bump and grind - The Penguins had a rough weekend...The Senators are just 2 points behind us and the comments on the Penguins Facebook page were unreal today - The Office Monkeys Betty, Marge and Hank the mailman celebrated Pirates opening day in the office by have a little party - The crazy italian guy called all pumped up about the start of Pirates season and he also had a special message for Pens Fans that included the words NO FAIRWEATHERNESS!!!! - Florida is always a magical place of drugs and crazy news stories that can only happen in Florida so this isn't really a surprise...FLAKKA is the new drug in Florida that will not only make people do "Florida" like Bath Salt things but it als

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