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Apr 8 - Penguins Facebook Comments

April 8, 201528 min
Wednesday - What a fun show we had...Some Disappointment from the Penguins...All they had to do was beat the Senators in regulation and they would lock up their playoff spot...The Pens went up 3-0 nothing and the Sens battled back to tie it in the 3rd pushing the game into overtime....Ending with the Pens walking away with a loss and 1 point - It sucks the Penguins didn't clinch playoff spot but everything is going to be ok because they can still make the playoffs all they need to do is win these final games - Reading facebook comments is one of our favorite things after a Pittsburgh team wins or loses and the Penguins Facebook Page comments section was a hot mess...People were angry...People wanted to FIRE/TRADE/CUT/SELL THE TEAM - A LA News Guy Beaten Down By Reading 100s Of Kardashian Stories.. Goes Off On The Diane Sawyer Bruce Jenner special - A man in the The Wonderful State of Florida did Florida things inside a Walmart

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