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Aug 13 - Big Mac Attack / FLA Tater Salad Arrest

August 13, 201538 min
It is Thursday.... We needed a little something extra to get our morning started.... We needed boybands - The Pirates lost their second game in a row to the Cardinals last night... The Pirates still have the third best record in baseball but the Facebook comments section was a hot hot hot mess - Washington County Meat Rage... A 47 year old man beat up his brother when he came home to discover that his brother ate all of the Big Macs in the house - We took you sideline to sideline...behind the bench...In the huddle at Steelers training camp with our exclusive coverage - Florida WOW...A man was sitting in front a nail salon hammered when police found him...He then tossed a giant bowl of tater salad for no real reason...Also in Florida a 65 year old man was trying to stunt drive while drinking with his junk hanging out of his pants...Police were not happy - Lamar Odom might be the one man who knows all of the secrets...Bring down that Kardashian Empire Lamar - The Mayors office announced

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