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Aug 14 - Godzilla El Nino / U.S. Women's World Cup Team

August 14, 201531 min
- All is back to normal in Pittsburgh... The Pirates won last night...Putting up 7 runs in the first inning against the Cards...Everything felt nice - BUMP N' GRIND!!!! - The Office Monkeys are excited for Steelers Pre-Season football tonight...Running around the office dropping Rooney Toots all afternoon - THE WEST COAST ISN'T SAFE.... GODZILLA EL NINO IS COMING!!!!!!! GODZILLA MUDSLIDES!!!!!! THE MONSTER EL NINO IS COMING!!!!!! - USA USA USA What a weekend we have coming up in Pittsburgh...A Big Rally In Market Square with thousands of people...A Megan Klingenberg Shop 412 shirt release... Saturday the U.S. Women's National Team is hosting a FREE open practice at Heinz Field!!! Then Sunday the big game USA vs Costa Rica...RIDE THE BALD EAGLE...AMERICAN PRIDE IS GOING TO RUN WILD IN PITTSBURGH THIS WEEKEND!!! - A Naked Man...On LSD...Driving A Pick-Up Truck...Who Flipped Off The Local Police...Was Arrested In....Not Florida...Wisconsin...WOW - Will Smith is developing a "Fresh Prince"

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