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Aug 15 - Bieber vs Selena / Phelps Ravens Fan

August 15, 201642 min
The Olympics have taken over our life... Mikey sat around and watched the womens marathon this weekend while Bob found womens badminton for over an hour... We need our lives back... We need the Olympics to be over - Michael Phelps called out a reporter for wearing Steelers gear during his press conference after his 23rd gold medal win... He also talked to Ray Lewis before his final win - We really want Lionel Richie to kick Justin Biebers ass... Bieber has been hanging out with Sofia Richie and threatened to make his instagram private because his fans were saying horrible things about her... Out of no where Selena Gomez jumped into the battle and the internet melted - Deep Fried Twinkies... USA!! USA!! USA!!

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