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Aug 18 - Eileen On Youtube / War Of The Roses

August 18, 201530 min
Crash... Boom... Nasty storms to start the morning... The storms got so bad this morning it was the debut of summer clenched butt cheek driving - Calvin Harris and Zayn got into some twitter beef yesterday... We learned nothing from Tupac and Big - The Pirates won the last 7 of 9 over the division leaders but came home and lost to Arizona and Facebook somehow tied the Steelers and Pirates into sucking together all in the Pirates comments section...Unreal - The Crazy Italian wasn't hearing any of it...Don't worry about the Steelers they showed just the tip this past weekend in their loss and everyone hope on the Pirates train Choo Chooooo - Back 2 Back Florida Stories.... A Florida dad took his teen daughter and her fried to the "Pink Pony" strip club in Miami.... A woman hit an apartment complex with her car and then drove away when police showed up she asked police to arrest the dog because it was the dogs fault...She was arrested for DUI and a few other crimes - Starbucks is changing

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