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Aug 19 - Pirates Walk-Off Win / FLA Surf And Turf Pants

August 19, 201524 min
What a magical 15 inning Pirates game last night...Pedro Florimon hit a walk off triple in 15th inning vs. Diamondbacks to win it and we learned that he gives magical Geno like interviews - Jung Ho Kang hit a homerun and the Korean announcers call is pure magic...The Pirates new "Chong Li" from the movie Bloodsport dugout celebration is special and needs to catch on so people in the stands do it when Kang hits a homerun - A woman in Florida decided to go into the local Publix grocery store and stuff frozen clams down her pants....She didn't stop there she then she moved on to pizza and other items until she had a Surf and Turf buffet in those pants - We all know Pittsburgh is the greatest city in the world...Now Money Magazine named Pittsburgh the best big city in the northeast on their "Best Places To Live 2015" list - Pittsburgh has a reputation tailgating hard..Kenny Chesney..Luke Bryan..Trashed parking lots..Legendary tailgating...Buuuut the sickos at the Jimmy Buffet show in Bost

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