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Aug 20 - Star Wars Night / Deez Nuts

August 20, 201524 min
The studio AC is still broken and our studio is just hot and gross...woooo we are sweaty - Pirates had Star Wars night and it was all kinds of awesome...On the TV broadcast Greg Brown dressed up like C3PO to start the game and Steve Blass was in a horrible Chewbacca mask....For some reason Blass attempted to do Chewbacca impression which sounded like an animal dying - It was Thursday so everyone wanted a little Boy Band coffee to start the morning.... - A 15 year old high school sophomore from Iowa named Brady Olson filed paperwork in July entering a fake person named "Deez Nuts" into the presidential race as an Independant....Mr. Nuts took off on social media and word began to spread to the point where it is now...Deez Nuts is now showing up in polls and it is causing news anchors to mention Deez Nuts by name hahaha - People are sooooo upset by the Wooooooo....KDKA-TV really did a full news report on the 'wooing' at PNC Park that has been going on for a few years now. It happens at Pe

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