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Aug 21 - Stop The Woo / Duggar Porn

August 21, 201529 min
It is Friday, The Pirates Won, Steelers have their last day of camp, Pens are having small practices and the AC is working in the STUDIO AGAIN THIS MORNING!!!! WOOOOOO - Bump N' GRIND - We figured out how to solve the WOOOOOO.... Hey Pirates it is time to embrace the Wooo... The only way you can control the Woooo is if you embrace the Wooooo and use the Woooo... Example If Cole Strikes someone out...Or Use it for Pirates homeruns...If Cutch its a homerun...cue everyone on the scoreboard with a 3...2...... Wooooo Countdown...Just imagine 30,000+ people Woo'ing at one time .... DO IT PIRATES...EMBRACE THE WOOOO - It is the final day of Steelers camp and we have you covered sideline to sideline with our special training camp coverage - A 15 year old high school sophomore from Iowa named Brady Olson filed paperwork in July entering a fake person named "Deez Nuts" into the presidential race as an Independant....Mr. Nuts took off on social media and word began to spread to the point where it

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