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Aug 25 - Back To School / Shaq Fantasies

August 25, 201526 min
Welcome back to school kids...We started the morning with a little Back To School Freestyle - The AC was out in the studio again... Honestly we were dripping sweat... We started having Shaq gold bond fantasies - One Direction is taking a break it is confirmed Nial and Louis tweeted to let everyone know it is real... The band is just taking a break... Just like NSYNC took a little break.... Suuuureee.... Listen One Direction hunks don't "Fatone" yourself... Don't end up doing fireworks commercials and on DWTS DON'T END UP LIKE FATONE!!!! - A Burglar is Erie with Skid Marks in his underwear broke into a house.... Took a shower and Washed those clothes before police showed up to arrest him - Sleeze..Buzz..Buzz..Celeb...Dirty...Drake...Oh My Goodness...Sleeze..Dirty...30...Sleeze.... - Taylor Swift collected a Bedazzled Ellen last night at the Staples Center in L.A... Taylor Swift is the Pokemon master... Taylor Swift is going to reunite NWA and bring back Hologram Tupac for her final two

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