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Aug 3 - 1D Missing Underwear / Lizard Man

August 3, 201529 min
The big one direction concert was last night at Heinz Field Mikey's underwear has vanished from his body...He doesn't remember what exactly happened to his underwear....If anyone at Heinz Field doing clean up today finds some man briefs please make sure Harry gets them - Actress Eliza Dushku was forced to move out of hotel room for One Direction this past weekend because those hunks needed an entire floor. - All hell broke loose in the Pirates vs Reds game....Saturday night, Pirates pitcher Joe Blanton hit Marlon Byrd of the Reds with a pitch...that seemed to carry over to Sunday's game when Andrew McCutchen was hit with a pitch in the 8th inning. Then Tony Watson then hit Brandon Phillips and everyone lost their mind...Sean Rodriquez, Marlon Byrd and Joey Votto were ejected from the game. Mark Melancon was later ejected after hitting a batter in the 9th inning which didn't seem intentional at all. - The Lizzzzzard Man is back in South Carolina...A local woman claims she has a picture

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