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Aug 4 - Ziiiiip / Rabid Otter Attack

August 4, 201522 min
We had crazy storms last night....The Pirates game even got postponed...The best part about having crazy storms is the local news always finds someone who was in the storm to talk with that is amazing...WPXI found John from South Park who saved the day when his home was hit by lightning...He heard the noise Ziiiiiiiiiiiiiippppp!!!!!!! - Philly....Oh Philly...You broke hitchBot the nice friendly hitchhiking robot who hitchhiked through Canada and Europe safely before making its way to the USA...HitchBot caught rides through Boston and New York City before getting destroyed in Philadelphia... R.I.P. hitchBot - We gave you guys some more in depth...In the huddle...Sideline to Sideline...Award winning Steelers training camp coverage - The Local/National news has warned us all summer about shark attacks but they didn't warn us about RABID RIVER OTTERS that attacked a local family on vacation in Virginia - Deez Nuts out of Iowa is running for President... the local Iowa news actually reporte

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