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Aug 7 - Sid B-Day / Mac Miller On The Show

August 7, 201538 min
It was a weird and amazing night of late night tv...The republican debate was on and Donald Trump pretty much turned it into a SNL skit and then Jon Stewart had his final show....Not much sleep - Bump n Grind!!!!! - Happy 28th Birthday Sidney Crosby!!! - During the Republican SNL debate last night Hillary Clinton was hanging out with KARDASHIANS and Kanye at the house that BIEBER built aka Scooter Brauns house...Hillary was taking selfies with Kim and Kris Jenner....We have said it before but i think it might be time....Moooooving to Canada - Bob has a problem...He has South American Chimeny Swift Birds that are living his chimney...The birds are protected by federal law and he can't touch or remove the birds...It is like he has an excited Kim Kardashian in his Chimney ehhhhhhhh - It is a big day for our buddy Mac Miller…He announced his new single 100 grandkids , his new album Go:od AM, His new tour and a special show he is playing at Stage AE…We talked about all of that good stuff a

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