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Feb 1 - All Star Weekend / FLA Monkey Hotel CSI

February 1, 201640 min
Good times this weekend... Mikey completed the Ohio turnpike without getting a ticket or sitting on a toilet... What a win - Geno and Letang represented the Pens at the All-Star game this weekend in Nashville...They both scored goals and Geno had an amazing Geno interview about guitars but John Scott the player who was voted in and then sent down to the minors had a Disney ending to his weekend... He shouldn't have been an all-star but the players and fans embraced him even with the NHL doing their best to hide him - A woman was found dead in a Florida hotel room....Two rare monkeys are in a cage in the room and the police found an incoherent in the room too... We need a CSI Florida TV show...It needs to happen - Le'Veon Bell dropped the first track off of his mixtape "Pain Is Love" Yo Le'Veon we are ready to drop Ad-Libs on this Mixtape

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