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Feb 11 - Powerball/50 Shades Word Search

February 11, 201515 min
Ohhh Wednesday - You know the show just started off with us having powerball fantasies about winning the almost 500mil and working for home and somehow it turned into if Mikey won he would pay bob $50 and a cold cut tray - The new guy on wpxi had a little slip up on the air with "Dick's sporting goods" ummm Big Dick's... Then we played back a few of the slip ups we have had over the years - Fallon had Dakota Johnson from 50 Shades on last night reading sexy lines so we decided to include a few of our own - Kids in a Monessen middle school somehow were given a "50 shades of grey" dirty word search in class - 75 year old Charlie is on patrol in Washington...The streets are safe

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