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Feb 12 - Dumpster Naps/Granny Body Spray

February 12, 201519 min
Ohhh Good lookin THURSDAY.... - Mike was running on two hours of sleep because he went to the Pens game with his family in from out of town - Fifty Shades Of Grey is going to be huge and this story about the word search that was given out to kids at the Monessen middle has gone national...Stand Tall/Stand Proud - Netflix gave everyone a peekaboo teaser of "House Of Cards" for 15-20 minutes then took it away - We have a listener who calls himself "True Player"...Yep.... He called to report that he bought his 9th life sized teddy bear for his wife and has a room booked for Valentines Day...Romanace is alive - Only in Florida does a couple that went out drinking at a casino end up drunk and taking a nap in a dumpster... Only Florida - A Granny in Georgia who is 82 years old got caught stealing "Sexiest Fantasies" body spray...A scent that is sure to drive any man wild haha - Fun Fact: Kim Kardashian pees her spanx...All the time - Charlie Sheen, Brian Williams and Tiger Woods should all

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