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Feb 16 - Mikey Flu / SNL 40

February 16, 201525 min
Happy President's Day everyone oh what a celebration of people having off work... - We were awake and worked this morning enough though Mikey spent most of the weekend sick on the toilet ... We all learned a life lesson: When the time comes to make the decision Never... Never...Never leave the toilet seat - SNL 40 was on and for the most part it was amazing..Fallon and Timberlake used their magic to open the show..Celebrity Jeopardy was by far the skit of the night..Kanye sounded like he smoked 20 packs before he performed and then Wayne's World did a magical job of trolling him - Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel saw THUNDERSNOW 6 TIMES and lost his mind covering the snow storms in Plymouth Massachusetts - The WienerMobile crashed ohhh noooo smashin wieners

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