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Feb 17 - Fat Tuesday/Pens Section Linda

February 17, 201525 min
Happy Fat Tuesday.... Ohhh pass the snacks office ladies but whatever you do today don't eat the king cake baby - The office monkeys were in full Fat Tuesday celebration mode..Not Fat Two Steak - We got to talk to a big fan of the show Linda who has been trying to get us a #FSPensSection video for a couple of days....She said she posted it on Facebook with the hashtag FSPens... Then FSPensNation... Then she told us that she posted it on our Freak Page.. Then finally on instagram and tagged us in it with FS... After a few days we got it all figured out and finally got to see the PensMobile video from Linda..We turned her down at first but ended up putting Linda and her Beep Beep Beep chant in our #FSPensSection - Dammmmmnnnnnn The Amber Rose vs Khloe beef is real - In Scotland a group of drunk women attacked a man at a screen of Fifty Shades Of Grey...No word if they beat him with their mom wands

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