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Feb 18 - 50 Shades Of SpongeBob / Miss P

February 18, 201514 min
Happy Wednesday Yeaaaa Booogers For Everyone - A Drive-in Movie Theater in California was showing Fifty Shades Of Grey at the same time they were showing SpongeBob...Probably Poor planning unless you really like SpongeBob and Boobs - The Cleveland Browns are going to unveil a new logo which could be a poo emoji with a tiny football helmet on it - Florida made the show because of a "Fifty Shades Of Grey" teen riot involving over 100 teens that tried to rush into a theater after they were denied tickets - Fayette County made the show for the first time in a long time....We are still watching you Fayette County...No one gets hit with an oxygen tank while intoxicated and makes the news without us finding it - We found out what the "Florida Fannypack" was after a man stuffed his weed up his butt when police pulled him over...Only you Florida - Miss P the Beagle won the Westminster Dog Show and we had a celebration

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