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Feb 2 - Groundhog Day / Office Monkeys

February 2, 201645 min
Happy Groundhog Day? Not really sure how that is still a real thing.... I mean any excuse to go get drunk on Tuesday in the middle of Punxy is a win...The inner circle top hat guys are kinda creepy.... We can only hope that Phil decides to attack this year - The Office Monkeys Betty, Marge and Hank the Mailman are celebrating Groundhog day in the office...Making toilet lion king groundhogs...what a treat - A lot of the Super Bowl commercials are starting to come out online .... The Heinz Super Bowl commercial is outstanding... The NFL babies one is great and the Hyundai "Ryanville" Ryan Reynolds commercial was so hot we had to get bags of frozen peas to cool down out hot spots... - Florida did Florida stuff....Because that is what Florida does... This time they involved flying food

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