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Feb 2 - Super Bowl Recap

February 2, 201527 min
Ohhhh Happy Monday - If you are a Seattle fan you are probably still barfing over the game....How do you pass the ball and not let beastmode run it - Gronk needs to be wearing a Go-Pro for the next 24hours - There were two things that NBC didn't air Jeremy Lane broke his arm and had dangle dangle arm and then Doug Baldwin got to live his boyhood dream scoring a TD in the Super Bowl and then pretending to take a football poo celebration - Katy Perry had a magical halftime performance with sharks and high out of their mind beach balls - The commercials were kinda depressing this year....Sad dad commercials and then a dead kid commercial out of nowhere...Next year the fun commercials need to come back - It is groundhog day which means the creepy top hat guys pull Phil out of his stump and we hope that Phil makes bathroom on the top hat guys - Bruce Jenner is becoming a woman... Hopefully if he makes the full transition they give him a Kardashian ass - And last but not least....We want to

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