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Feb 20 - FSPensSection Recap

February 20, 201519 min
Ohhh Good Lookin Friday - We are running on a few hours of sleep and our voices were a little rough but it was all worth it because the Freak Show Pens Section was amazing - We had a collection of 100s of people in costumes...We sang the anthem loud and proud, started the wave in the first and shamed people in the 3rd as they left the game early trying to beat traffic - Learned a life lesson from a truck driver this morning.. It is cold enough outside for trucker pee to freeze - It is Friday so we had to give everyone a little bump and grind - The Crazy Italian guy called in all fired up about the fairweatherness of Pens fans leaving the game early - A naked man went wild on a San Diego highway he was doing push-ups...jumping on the hood of cars...pressing his butt on the windshield... When police showed up he bit an officer before getting arrested... ummmm police believe he was on DRUGS...yep - A Chocolate milk attack happened in Florida

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