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Feb 22 - Daaaamn Daniel / 110yr Old Flossie

February 22, 201632 min
The snow melt off is real almost 60 all weekend... Dog log mines all over the yard...good times - Denny Hamlin won the Daytona 500 in the closest finish ever...The Spanish announcers calling the race were amazing... Makes me want to watch all Steelers games in Spanish - Thank you Heaaath... Heath Miller retired a member of the Steelers after 11 seasons... Hard to find anyone with a bad thing to say about Heath...Coach Tomlin and Big Ben had amazing things to say about Heath and his Steelers Legacy - Kris Jenner introduced Boy George at our iHeart80's Party this past weekend in California... The entire audience boo'ed her for over a minute....Hilarious - The internet is an amazing place...A high school kid takes a few random snaps harassing his friend over and over again using a funny voice saying Daaammn Daniel being back at it again with the white Vans. A week later it has 250,000 Re-tweets and 300,000 Likes...Damn Daniel!!!!

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