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Feb 23 - Oscar Recap

February 23, 201518 min
Ohhhh Happy Monday - The Oscars were last night and for the most part they were pretty brutal...It went on and on and on and on finally ending after midnight...Neil Patrick Harris didn't even take a selfie like Ellen did last year - It was nice that Oprah let Stedman out of the Sex Dungeon to come with her to the Oscars... Stedman was in the middle of a Rock and Oprah sandwich which in our fantasies led to a sex dungeon match... Dooooo Youuuuu Smeeeelllll Ell Ell Ell Elll Ellll Oprahs Panties - John Travolta is the ultimate perv he was honestly a few seconds away from rubbing a boob at the Oscars...Touching and trying to kiss Scarlett Johansson....Staring At Benedict Cumberbatch...Petting Idina Menzel's Face on stage...Just a creep - Steelers Nation stand tall stand proud ... A leather Steelers 6x super bowl champs jacket saved a mans life

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