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Feb 25 - Mall Shooting Victim Update

February 25, 201522 min
Wednesday morning on the show we got a called out of the blue from Mary Singleton who is a huge fan of the show. Mary and her husband Thomas were the two innocent bystanders in the Monroeville Mall shooting back on Feb 7th. Their 13 year old son was also with them at the mall at the time of the shooting and was unharmed. Mary was released from the hospital and Thomas was recently released to a rehab facility. He was in critical condition for 2 weeks following the shooting. - A Giant nightmare 8 foot catfish was caught in Italy and we got calls about divers that said we have local catfish in the rivers around here that are the size of cars - Love getting this calls.... We got a call from an active duty army soldier that is stationed in Memphis that still listens every morning on iHeartRadio - Oprah was out in L.A. and had to use the bathroom so bad she ended up knocking and using a strangers bathrooms - Then we had a little cake in the breakroom

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