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Feb 26 - KFC Cups / Girl Scout Cookies

February 26, 201520 min
Thursday We Here - We started the morning singing a healthy song about washing our target regions - Madonna took a tumble after one of her dancers tried to pull her magical cape off at the Brit Awards...Thump - KFC is launching edible coffee cups overseas if they bring these cups to the USA they need to make them out of chicken and fill them with gravy - We talked about the local news covering our call we got from Mary Singleton who was one of the Monroeville Mall shooting survivors....All of the local news stations left out the part where she once peed her pants listening to our show - MYYYY GAWWWDDD The Penguins had a rumble on the bench with the Caps - The Crazy Italian guy called us out of his mind for the Pens and Buccos...Bro - A 400 Pound FLORIDA woman got in a fight with her roommate over missing girl scout cookies...

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