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Feb 27 - The Dress - Llamas

February 27, 201526 min
Happy Friday - "The Dress" A simple dress that is white/gold or black/blue has ruined the internet for everyone today...You won't be able to escape it and if you work in an office today everyone office lady will be trying to debate you on the colors - The Today Show and Good Morning America had to tease that they would cover by doing a whacky back and forth about the color of the dress into completely serious stories...It was a disaster - Hey the Kardashians signed a new deal with E! and it is a reported 4 year 100 MILLION DOLLAR DEAL (insert Cart Barf Noises Here) - Get ready America Honey Boo Boo is going to be a Pop Star she is in LA recording music including a song called do the Honey Boo Boop - Shep Smith from fox news is our MVP ... His play by play of the Llama chase that happend in Arizona is priceless

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