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Feb 4 - Body Massages / Magic Mike XXL

February 4, 201523 min
Happy Wednesday - We started this morning the morning by almost trading body massages because that is what real friends do - Happy Dick Month Pittsburgh... The month of February was named Dick LeBeau month by city council so everyone celebrate - NETFLIX went down..WHHHHYYYYYYY - Celeb Buzz Sleeze Gossip Gossip Ohhhhhh Beyonce And Jay Z Ohhhh Moving To LA....Ohhh Gossip Gossip - Morning Radio for the most part is so fake...fake phone calls...fake pranks...fake relationship emails.... ewwwww radio stinks - Florida made the show because a man wanted a super bowl gator snack - MAGIC MIKE XXL... The Trailer is going to premiere on Ellen today...Ladies will spill lady gravy

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