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Feb 6 - Warm Toilet Seats / Mom Wands

February 6, 201524 min
Happy Friday... - We have dreams that one day we will have heated toilet seats at the radio station - Attention all moms, aunts and other horny women theaters have banned "toys" and "mom wands" form Fifty Shades Of Grey Screenings - A Lil Bump And Grind - Garth Brooks is in town and we found out he loves Pittsburgh.... He is just like Snoop except he isn't offering our running backs weed - Tiger Woods Butt Cheeks aka the glutes have deactivated we honored his rock hard locked up glutes with a freestyle - The Bobbi Kristina story is just sad but Bobby Brown isn't ready to give up and he might know something he might have been visited by the Whitney Houston White Tracksuit Super Bowl National Anthem Singing Angel - A pig in Ohio ate a mans weed that caused him to melt down... Not Florida... OHIO

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