Mikey and Bob

Jan 19 - Bobs Butt Cheek / Kidz Bop "Downtown"

January 19, 201644 min
Bob came to work and played injured this morning... He injured his Butt Cheek and was in bad shape this morning... Mikey being a true best friend offered up his doctor hands for a massage, he offered to rub balls on the cheeks and to take a rolling pin to bobs cheeks and make butt cheek pizza today - The Steelers Hangover hurts a little less today... Antonio Brown posted a message to Steeler Nation...Next season when the team comes back healthy we are going to be nasty...Yesterday was locker room clean out for the Steelers and reporters talked with Ramon Foster and William Gay who are free agents and James Harrison who might make the choice to retire this off-season - Glenn Frey from the Eagles passed away... We started talking about how it is going to be so strange when we get a little older and rappers start to die off and the news has to report all serious that Mystikal who is best know for his song "Shake Ya Ass" has passed away - Kidz Bop 31 is out we and love comparing the songs

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