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Jan 20 - Cold Eileen/50 Shades Bears

January 20, 201519 min
Happy Tuesday - It is cold and kinda gloomy so we started out kinda slow this morning but we had a great show - The Linkin Park show was canceled at consol and people freaked out on facebook - Eileen from Blawnox feels like she is trapped in her house because she is afraid of the "blank ice"...Eileen said she is hoping someone would come over her house and sneeze on her just so she could feel the air....ok - We got a clip from a Boston news station and a woman who sounds like Peter Griffin goes wild live on the news while getting her afc championship shirt - They are making a $80 "fifty shades of grey" naughty valentines day bear that comes with a mask and handcuffs...Somehow that turned into a fantasy of Mikey and Bob bears and a story from a truck driver about his teddy bear collection - A man in Georgia got cited for "Eating A Burger" while driving....What kind of America is this

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