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Jan 21 - Deflated Balls / Oreo Fantasy

January 21, 201525 min
Ohhhh Happy Wednesday - Hi it was snowy this morning and the only way to get even with mother earth was to take your pants off - We have strange bodies learn about them with us...skin and hair - 11 of the 12 ball the Patriots used were deflated... Chris Mortensen from ESPN had some in depth ball talk - OMG Red Velvet Oreo cookies are a real thing Woooooo - Justin Bieber claims his bad boy days are over and this comedy central roast will be the end of that chapter of his life No!!! tight underwear, drag racing, tattooed, bad boy Biebs No!!! - The State of the union was last night and the news broke down what a trending in state of the union fashion ohhh fashion police ohh

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