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Jan 25 - The Blizzard 2016 / Patriots Facebook Comments

January 25, 201650 min
We made it through "Blizzard 2016".... We actually only got like 3-4 inches of snow at our houses... If you were South and East of the city you got blasted though and the local news loved it... They were asking everyone for pictures... New Rule if you only have 6inches don't even pull out the ruler

- The Duquesne Basketball team got stuck for over 30 hours on the turnpike in the snow...They ended up on ESPN and their tweets were outstanding...

- We were just wondering where everyone in that turnpike miles and miles of snowed in traffic mess ended up using the bathroom

- We didn't plan on reading Patriots Facebook Comments but after the loss we took a quick look at them and knew we had to share with everyone...Haha The Facebook pain is so much more fun when it isn't your team

- The Carolina Panthers are in the Super Bowl ... They are going to take on the Denver Broncos and Panthers Super Fan Ked has already made a rally rap song...Roar

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