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Jan 26 - Finding Fayette County Bigfoot

January 26, 201516 min
Happy Monday.. If you missed the show or had a two hour delay we had a fun one this morning - We ended up getting a few inches around Pittsburgh which is pretty much winter around here but it didn't stop the Today Show from sending a reporter to Pittsburgh with a yard stick to measure the 2inches of snow we got because this storm is heading for the East Coast to make a BOMBOGENESIS STORM!!! - Bill Belichick held another press conference about balls and Bill Nye came out and shot down any science that he tried blaming for his ball problems. - Ohhhh Fayette County we love you.... Fayette County got some national love on the tv show "Finding Bigfoot" on Animal Planet. The "Bigfoot Experts" of course didn't find anything buuuut the people of Fayette County and their Bigfoot stories were the true stars of the show

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