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Jan 28 - Meat Pants / Zombie Cat

January 28, 201514 min
Ohhhh What A Fun Wednesday On The Show - We started the morning with the studio freezing so we pulled out the under the desk office lady heaters and the room almost started smelling like a meat smoker - SB Media Day was fun Marshawn Lynch pretty much stole the show He was just there so he didn't get fined...Gronk read some erotic fan fiction about himself and Belichick finally didn't have to talk about balls over and over again - The new all female cast for the ghostbusters movie remake got announced and people FREAKED OUT - Taylor Swift got hacked they didn't find nudes...That is your Taylor Swift Celeb Corner Juicy Gossip News Buzz - Beaver County had TWO stories that made the show...The dashcam video came out from the woman who got arrested after she stole a police car while her hands were cuffed behind her back and led police on a 100mph chase a few weeks back in Beaver County which was insane... Another woman who was naked from the waist down got arrested after she crashed her car

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