Mikey and Bob

Jan 5 - Chapped Lips And Nips / Florida Time Travel

January 5, 201637 min
It Is Soooo Cold Outside... Mikey has a chapped lip and Bob has wonderful looking nips - A man in Florida tried to "Time Travel" in his Dodge Challenger... He ended up crashing through 3 businesses because even in Florida time travel isn't possible - We love comparing the songs on the Kidz Bop albums to the regular songs because the Kidz Bop edits are so ridiculous that they are funny.... Kidz Bop 31 just came out and we had to listen to a little Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift what a treat - The season premiere of the bachelor was on last night and after listening back to the "Chicken Girl" and "Pony Girl" Ben the Bachelor should just keep the mini pony that pony girl brought and call the show off - Original Hot Girl aka OG Hot Girl gave us a call... She might explode before the Steelers play on Saturday

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